The First  Webinar in our "Advocacy & Water Protection Summer Speaker Series, "Understanding Water Policy, Law and Tribal Sovereignty" webinar can be found here. 

Here are the slides from this webinar:

The Second Webinar "State of the Salmon and Water Wars on the Klamath River" can be found at:  

The Third Webinar "From the Trump Water Plan to the Shasta Dam Raise, The fight for the Sacramento River/Bay Delta Salmon" is at:

The Final Webinar for June "Bringing the Salmon Home, Eel River Dam Removal is at 

Maps of California Treaties can be found at:


Information on the status of the Unrecognized Tribes is at:

Information on the Klamath River and Pacific Connector Pipeline can be found at: 

The Effects of Altered Diet on the Health of the Karuk People

Kaila Ferrell Smith 

How a remote California tribe set out to save its river and stop a suicide epidemic

Power Past Fracked Gas Resources

Reclaiming the Klamath

More information on the Third webinar "From the Trump Water Plan to the Shasta Dam Raise" can be found at:            Delta Tunnel Talking points

The presentations for the second course are below:

Some background on the Trinity and Klamath Rivers is here:





The presentations for the third course are below:






Save California Salmon (SCS) is dedicated to policy change and community advocacy for Northern California’s salmon and fish dependent people. The goal of the organization is to support the fisheries and water protection work of the local communities, and to advocate to effective policy change for clean water, fisheries and communities. SCS also supports youth and cultural action that overlap with watershed action.


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