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Winnemem Wintu Tribe keeps its culture of conservation strong

through release of winter Chinook salmon eggs into the McCloud River

Dan Bacher

August 5, 2022

In a breakthrough for the Tribe, state and federal agencies have agreed to co-management regarding restoring winter run Chinook on the MCloud River in three key ways, according to Chief Sisk.

First, they agreed to the current emergency phase of putting winter-run Chinook salmon back into the river. “They have to do it with some of our traditional ecological knowledge – not just doing with all their science,” Sisk noted.

Second, they will help the Winnemem transport eggs from New Zealand, where they are now thriving in the Rakaira and other rivers, to California, for reintroduction to the McCloud River, regardless of the results of this current winter run project.

Third, they will provide funding for a volitional passage study within five years to get the fish back to the McCloud River from the ocean. This will include money for pathogen testing on the New Zealand salmon.

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